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Filament winder

We have designed a profesional but "personal" filament winder. Our filament winder is desktop version with maximum capacity 5kg of spool. On the two displays you see all neccesary information for winding proccess. With left encoder you can control left motor for the spool and for the filament tension or enter into setting menu where you can set filament diameter,spool width, starting position, calibrate hall sensor, enable or disable wifi, hall sensor, PID function etc... On the right encoder you control speed of winding in manual mode or before the PID will take control about winding speed.

Our filament winder

Our extruder

Technical parameters:

Spool core diameter: 30 - 120 mm

Flange diameter:max. 400 mm

Spool width:max. 120 mm

Spool weight:max. 5 kg gross

Filament diameter: 0.9 - 4 mm

Haul-off speed: 0.2 - 20 m/min

Dimensions: x mm xxxxxx

Weight: approx. 5 kg

Power supply: 12V DC (60 watt)

Our filament winder is equiped with hall sensor for reading filament diameter. The PID function is able change filament winding speed for reach correct filament diameter. The winder use the wifi in AP mode and also in client mode simultaneously, so you can connect to the winder and see all winding parameters on the internal website including graph for the filament diameter. You can upgrade firmware over the air (OTA).

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Here are pictures of our extruder.
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This is our filament winder
This is our filament winder
This is our filament winder
This is our filament winder
This is our filament winder
This is our filament winder
This is our filament winder



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