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We are manufacturer of 3d filaments extrusion machine lines and supplies from Czech Republic.


We are small team of friends with inovative thinkink with love for the 3d printing and reciclyng of plastic waste into some things again usable for the life. We are manufacturer of 3d filaments extrusion machine lines from Czech Republic.

We started with develop our machines on April of 2021. First we have created a profesional but "personal" filament plastic extruder. Our plastic extruder is desktop version with maximum capacity 5kg of plastic per hour and with 5 heating zones for best control of production. Also we do not want to make compromis, so we designed the extruder with maximal range of use it and with best parameters in this category. Our 3d filament extrusion line is capable work 24 hour x 7 days. Our screw diameter is 24mm and length is 600mm. Remove the screw from the machine is simple and it takes few minutes for clean it and put it back.

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We produce filament exrtruder with maximal capacity for the desktop machines. Filament air cooling machine is able cool the filament from 260 with speed of 10 meter per minute. So if you will buy more cooler and place them on the line than you are able cool filament with speed of extrusion about 20 meter per minutes. Our filament winder is able use 5kg of spool and wind the filament with 20 meter per minute. Our winder also is able measure diameter and control the diameter with PID function to correct the winding speed for right diameter. If is wifi available the machine is able send measured data to SQL server and show the graf of the diameter for each meter of winded filament.

We sell natural masterbatch plastic granulates as "ABS, PLA, PS, PE, PETG, ASA , etc.."

We sell wide range of colors for plastic granulates mixed with ABS or PE which you can use with PLA and other basic clear plastic granulates.

We really good at:

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Filament production

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Here are pictures of our machines and with our granulates and filaments.
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This is our filament extruder
This is our filament air cooler
Filament winder machine
Plastic granulates dryer
Plastic Color granulates
Our filament
Two color spool



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Map where you can find us.
HypheX Group s.r.o.
Lidická 700/19 , 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic
Id: 19251980 , VAT: CZ19251980
CEO/CTO: Ing. Aleš Oharek
Phone: +420 776 181 982
Email: info@hyphex.com
Workroom: Špitálská 738, Slavkov u Brna 684 01, Czech Republic

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